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Yes, Charlotte found a reason to stay in Sanditon, or should we say, Rose Williams!

Rose experienced a myriad of emotions after the cancellation. Naturally, disappointed when she learned that the show had been canceled, but also grateful for having participated in the opportunity to play Charlotte. Obviously, as an actress or actor, you go with the flow of the business. Nevertheless, she clung to a “grain of hope” for renewal.

Rose acknowledges the online support and efforts of the Sanditon Sisterhood in a bid to get the show renewed. The fact that the cast knows how important it is to fans, makes a difference. We need to continue yelling our support from the rooftops to drown out the underlying negativity.

As far as Charlotte in Season 2, Rose says that she’s taken a step forward into womanhood and has matured. The fact that Rose had time between the filming of season one and coming back for season two, has helped her in bringing Charlotte back to the screen.

Rose speaks of her sister’s character, Allison, experiencing Sanditon for the first time, with all the excitement and naivete that Charlotte had at her arrival. The roles are now reversed, with Charlotte being the more mature of the two.

Charlotte’s return is not about romance so much as it is about missing her friends, such as Georgiana and the Parkers. It’s interesting to note that she said Charlotte is “called back” to Sanditon, and we can only speculate the reason behind it. Charlotte also wants to work and make a life for herself. Rose Williams stated she is excited about where Miss Lambe’s storyline goes, with all of its twists and turns.

What’s in store for Charlotte?

And I know that there is an end in sight for her that might be nicer than the end of series one.

Transcript, PBS Masterpiece Podcast

How does rose characterize Season two?

Windswept, joyful, and spirited.

Transcript, PBS Masterpiece Podcast

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Alexander Vlahos I think he’s a peacock. I think he’s, yeah, a rock star. He’s quite brazen, I think, bold, ambitious, and yeah…a little bit mad.

Transcript, PBS Masterpiece Podcast

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