It’s hard to believe, but today, December 17, 2021, marks the end of filming for Season 3 of Sanditon. Season 2 was wrapped up a while ago, and after 44 days of filming, Season 3 is done! Can you believe it? The hopes and dreams of fans have been realized, and the beloved show is returning for two more glorious seasons. We can only hope that soon we will see behind the scenes shots, a trailer for Season 2, and interviews with the cast members. Don’t forget to tune into the weekly Podcasts while we wait.

Naturally, a huge thank you to everyone involved in the productions – writers, the cast, and the crew, who make their magic to take us back to Regency England to watch Charlotte find her HEA. I’m hugely excited to see characters we love and know and get to know the new men on the streets of Sanditon. Bring it on!

Bye-bye from the director on set and to the beautiful town of Sanditon. Posted on Instagram

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  1. Its sad, but so exciting as it brings us closer to seeing it.

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