Season 2 of British historical drama Sanditon is coming to PBS Masterpiece on March 20, and fans are in a frenzy after a short trailer aired after All Creatures Great and Small on Sunday night.

‘Sanditon’ Season 2: Fans Are Going Crazy Over New Promo (VIDEO)

Unfortunately, Oregon Public Broadcasting did not show it. Some PBS local stations did. Thankfully some fans filmed it on their phones and then uploaded it to Twitter where the mass hysteria began. Yes, it’s wonderful! Our Charlotte is dancing with Lennox with the look of sweet approval in her eyes. When Colbourne takes her in his arms for a dance, it looks as if he wants her then and there on the dance floor, while she can barely look at him in the eyes. Talk about overwhelming! Then we have a clip of Charles Lockhart, who will no doubt steal the show, and Charlotte’s sister dancing as well looking very happy.

Frankly, I was totally undone by it all just watching videos of television screens from others on Twitter while not seeing it myself. It impressed me so much, I actually dreamed about Coulbourne kissing me last night. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m losing it before it even airs.

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