If you’ve been one of the lucky ones in the past week or so, you have either watched a few flying clips of Sanditon Season 2 during a BritBoxUK advertisement, or you were one of the lucky ones who got a preview teaser from PBS Masterpiece after last Sunday’s viewing of All Creatures Great and Small. Unfortunately, I haven’t been lucky enough to see either of them directly. The local PBS station where I live didn’t air it. My only comfort are posts on Twitter of those who filmed it on their phones and shared it with others.

Below are screenshots I’ve captured from these released tidbit teasers from Twitter. Quality is lacking, but what can you do until PBS Masterpiece or BritBox releases the trailer for all of us to see that can be posted? I’m starving for more and searching for crumbs to survive.

The PBS teaser had dialogue that I have had great difficulty understanding from the Twitter views. I’ve grabbed a few below but certainly cannot promise they are 100% accurate.

“You’re quite unlike any woman I’ve ever met, Miss Heywood.” (Lennox)

“Mr. Colbourne, Miss Heywood is here about the governess position.” (Maid)

“Who do you dream about?” (Allison, Charlotte’s sister)

“Who do you suppose that man is? Charles Lockhart. He’s an artist.” (Allison/Georgiana)

“How do we attract rich husbands unless we look the part?” (Allison)

“I came here to avoid all that.” (Charlotte)

“Love isn’t that simple.” (Charlotte)

Below are the screenshots. As others, I’m anxiously awaiting to see the trailer! Enjoy the teases below. I cannot wait to see this all play out, and that dance with Colbourne and Charlotte land on our big-screen televisions. Swoon time.

Naturally, the reaction from fans has been both entertaining and scathing, as the breach in the fandom continues. I tend to block and mute the negativity to remain in my happy place regarding Seasons 2 and 3. What’s fun to watch are the comments on Twitter and the in-depth analysis and speculation that ensues between fans over these teasers. I get a lot of laughs and enjoyment interacting with the fun side of the fandom that shares the anticipation that I do in the soon to be released Sanditon continuation.

To top things off, this week PBS Masterpiece added a new poster for Sanditon in their lineup of shows, which kicked off quite a bit of discussion about the artwork. I doubt this will be the last of posters to be released, since there were three or four that I found for Season 1. What speaks to me in this beautiful picture of Charlotte is that she will receive the happy ever after she deserves — love and marrying well. What else would a Jane Austen heroine need but to marry for affection and be well-loved and taken care of by an Austen hero?

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