As of today, it’s 55 days until Sanditon Season 2 is released on PBS Masterpiece. Let’s take a look at the clues about the journey for some of our female characters both new and returning.

Rose Williams, as Charlotte Heywood, is our heroine of the story. In a recent podcast on PBS Masterpiece, she indicated that Charlotte is a more mature young woman, taking a step forward into womanhood. It’s been nine months since her heartbreak on the cliffs of the English coastline, and she is being called back to town. Her younger sister, Alison, accompanies her on the trip. While her younger sister is eager for love, Charlotte is looking forward to seeing old friends like the Parker family and Georgiana Lambe. Charlotte declares she is very fond of Sanditon and the people in it. She also is seeking employment as any young woman in her situation would do. No doubt, she no longer wants to be a burden to her parents being the eldest in a large family, but seeking love is not her first priority. From what we have learned, she applies to be a governess at the home of Alexander Colbourne, thus seeking that new direction in her life. Charlotte continues to be, as Justin Young the writer indicates, “empowered, smart, and opinionated.”

Early indications give us pictures of Charlotte dancing with Colonel Lennox, displaying a rather large and pleasing smile in his direction. No doubt he plays a pivotal part in her returning to some semblance of joy despite Sidney Parker no longer being in the picture. What we see from her dancing with Colbourne in other scenes, is that there is definitely a wariness about her demeanor as he gazes at her with intent. I expect Charlotte in Season 2 to display caution when it comes to matters of the heart, and be an anchor of sensibility for her sister, Alison. Charlotte needs time to heal and time to grow. She is seeking something other than romance and love, but stability and making a place for herself in the world that is dominated by men. It will be interesting to see how she responds to the new pursuits for her affections from Colonel Lennox and Alexander Colbourne.

Alison Heywood, played by Rosie Graham, is the newcomer in Season 2. Though we had a glimpse of her in Season 1, she is returning, albeit with different hair color that we should not nit-pick about. We have learned from the PBS Masterpiece podcasts that Alison is now the wide-eyed romantic in the series, eager to fall in love. Justin Young describes her as idealistic, thinking love is one “great big romance.” Charlotte, naturally, is more cautionary now as we hear her say in the teaser trailer, “Love is not as simple as you may think,” speaking to her sister. The redcoats apparently throw Alison into a romantic tizzy, and she receives the interest of a few officers. No doubt Alison will keep us entertained as she navigates the waters of courtship and learns to handle the attention of men. She will probably have a bubbly personality, walking around with her head in the clouds, being tempted with young love that tends to make youthful females a bit silly and unwise. Thankfully, Charlotte will be around to temper any indiscretions coming her way.

We learned a little about Georgiana Lambe this week from PBS Masterpiece at the TCA Press Tour. Georgiana is feeling the pressure of her inheritance. Crystal Clarke who plays Miss Lambe indicated that she has a platonic relationship with Arthur and others. Some fans believe the other to be Charles Lockhart, the artist. Tom Paker is now her guardian, and we all gasp at that news since he’s not the best to manage anyone’s money. Let’s hope Georgiana’s inheritance stays intact. Apparently, Georgiana, still smarting from her heartbreak with Otis, isn’t too keen on romance either. Instead, she’s having fun living vicariously through Alison’s exploits with men.

Miss Lambe will have a larger presence in Season 2. We’ve heard her declare in a BritBoxUK clip that she has never experienced so much power. There are hints as well about political involvement against slavery and the sugar trade. Naturally, we all look forward to seeing a smile on her face, and it appears that will happen.

As far as Mary Parker, Esther Babington, Clara Brereton, and Lady Denham, we’ve only heard snippets here and there about what’s coming for these characters. Esther wants a baby, and Lady Denham’s old flame from her youth returns. We’ll have to wait and see what transpires with each of these women.

Thank goodness for Justin Young, the writer, who designed these characters not merely to be females seeking husbands, existing in a patriarchal society being dutiful to their expected roles in life. He has given us strong women of character, like Jane Austen, would do, with heroines to be admired.

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