When the Sanditon teaser trailer, consisting of 30 seconds was released, we all screamed with joy. I think I’ve watched it a million times already. Until we get the longer trailer, it’s all we have to sustain us until we wait for more scenes from the upcoming Season 2 of Sanditon. Like everyone else, I’ve been watching it repeatedly to glean every morsel that PBS Masterpiece has granted us before March 20, 2022. Here is what we have seen so far.

The opening clip begins with the traveling carriage, pulled by two black horses, and two men in the driver’s seat. It’s a scene that was reported filming in Somerset on the Somerset Live UK Website that contained multiple pictures. The next frame is Charlotte, in the carriage, glancing out the window, which we assume by the look on her face, is filled with emotions about her return to Sanditon. The next frame is Georgiana, ringing the doorbell at what appears to be Trafalgar House, the home of the Parkers. As the violin music swells, we next see the arrival of the carriage, and Mary and the children running out to greet its arrival. And then . . .

. . . Arthur’s exit, and the piano music matches each step that Charlotte takes indoors, with the expression of grief, remembrance, and hesitation as she returns. A quick glance to her right, and many of us wonder if it was to look upon Sidney’s portrait once again. We can only imagine the heartache Charlotte experiences at that moment, and no doubt, Rose Williams will portray the scene skillfully to the end.

The next frame is Tom, Arthur, Charlotte, and Alison wide-eyed watching what we assume to be, based on the next scene, the arrival of the militia. The crowd is waving and clapping. The drummer boys are marching. While the officers are perched upon their horses, riding into Sanditon. We see Captain Fraser, Colonel Lennox (riding on a white horse), Captain Carter, and low and behold, a fourth man, looking very much like Jack Fox aka Edward Denham. It appears the disinherited villain needed to eat and make a living for himself. I’m assuming he took whatever money he had left and purchased a commission in order to survive. Time will tell.

We then see a very happy Charlotte run toward Georgiana, with Alison watching the reunion, giving the most enjoyable hug on screen. As Charlotte states in the teaser, “I’m exceedingly fond of Sanditon and the people in it,” which clearly shows how much she missed Georgiana.

Thirteen seconds into the teaser, we get an overhead shot of Charlotte in her ballgown, dancing with Colonel Lennox, as he exclaims, “You are quite unlike any woman I have ever met.” Those words are definitely reminiscent of Young Stringer’s declaration. The next frame shows an endearing shot of Charlotte dancing the waltz with Lennox and smiles being exchanged. She looks happy. The next frame is Captain Carter dancing with Alison, and then a very telling shot of Captain Fraser dancing with an unknown woman, giving a rather unhappy glance at Alison in Captain Carter’s arms. Definitely a look of jealousy here. Will the two men be competing for Alison’s affections in the show?

Then comes the clip that everyone, including myself, is talking about. Alexander Colbourne has Charlotte in his arms, dancing with her. The clip, only seconds long, is filled with nuances to be noticed and examined. The way they hold each other is intimate. Charlotte has her hand on his shoulder, unlike the dance she shared with Lennox. Colbourne’s arm is upon her upper back and his thumb grazes her bare skin. Charlotte looks away as if she’s conscious of and uneasy at the way he looks at her. It’s chemistry unspoken that makes me weak in the knees. Then a moment later, she turns her head and their eyes meet, and I’m frankly lost in the scene with everyone else. Well done directors and actors! I know this waltz will prove powerful and memorable like those in Season One.

A second later, Return to Sanditon comes on the screen. We are given a glimpse of Alison and Georgiana in a carriage laughing. As those of us who followed the filming, this is a scene where the girls are driving circles around the militia while on the beach.

Then we have a two-second glance at Charles Lockhart up at the landing of the staircase, taking a sip of wine and glancing down below at what we assume is the next clip of Georgiana glancing up at him. We hear the question, “Who is that man?” “That is Charles Lockhart. He’s an artist.”

A one-second shot of Charlotte, with her hand on a horse and a man in a puffy white shirt (PWS) in front of her flashes and disappears. Like most, I conclude that to be Alexander Colbourne, and the look upon Charlotte’s face is one of wariness and caution. As Twitter has confirmed, we all love period shows with men in PWS. Sexy.

The next frame is Charlotte in bed with Alison. She attempts to sleep with a slightly crinkled brow while her sister Alison asks, “Who do you dream of?” What a loaded question. It makes us wonder if Alison even knows about her sister falling in love with Sidney. Did Charlotte never tell her what happened because it was too painful? Alison, no doubt, is prodding to ascertain Charlotte’s feelings toward the men.

Then we are left with a frame of a man on a horse approaching Charlotte who is walking on the cliff. Definitely reminiscent of her meeting with Sidney, we can only speculate if this is her first meeting with Colbourne. Although the profile doesn’t appear to be him, his yellow waistcoat and black ascot do coincide with his apparel in other scenes. We are left in the last frame with Charlotte walking with a determined look upon her face, saying “Love is not as simple as you seem to think,” probably speaking to Alison.

This is the “Official Preview” from PBS Masterpiece, but many have seen other quick clips of scenes that BritBoxUK has released. Most notably is the one where Charlotte is standing in front of Alexander Colbourne’s desk, arriving for an interview for the position of governess.

Needless to say, there is so much speculation as we watch the releases of scenes from the show. I’m anxious to see the full-length trailer, which hopefully will be at least two minutes in length like Season One’s official trailer. Hopefully, that will give us a month to dissect every morsel as well and see more of what is to come.

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  1. This was great! Thanks for sharing…and keeping us on the edge of our seats. Sanditon Season 2 is wonderful!

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