While Seasons 2 and 3 were being filmed, there were individuals who stumbled across locations and took stealth photos, posting them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The scenes were also filmed in Clevedon, Brean, Weston Super Mare, Dyrham Park, and The Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol. There were many local media sites that captured shots and reported on the filming. If you’re unaware of them, I encourage you to check out the links below, as they contain some great behind-the-scenes shots of filming Sanditon Season 2 and 3.

Somerset Live UK

This news article online, dated October 29, 2021, shows some fantastic shots taken at Middle Hope Cove. Images were from photographer Nicholas Hayman. Shots are:

  • Carriage traveling on the cliffs
  • Film crew
  • Alexander Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes), in a puffy white shirt and black waistcoat, sitting on a black horse, glanced to the left as if he’s looking or waiting for the carriage.

Burnham On the Sea

Dated November 19, 2021, there are shots of the actors and crews on Brean beach while filming. “Our exclusive new photos show the filming on Brean Beach over the past month, which has seen the unusual sight of bathing machines, horses and carts, and upturned boats featured on the beach.” Multiple photographs are posted, including those with Charlotte, Alison, Georgiana, Lady Susan, and unrecognizable characters we’ve yet to meet. There’s also a good shot of a seagull getting in the way of the lens.

Bristol Live

This article is about the series being filmed in parts of Cotswolds and large in the Bristol region.

There is a huge variety of behind-the-scenes photography that was posted on social media by the cast and crew, along with the common fan sleuths showing up at filming locations. If you search hard enough, most of those shots can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Below is another article from National World about the filming locations of Season 2.

Below are some fun facts from one of the crew members that was posted on Twitter regarding the filming of seasons two and three.

250 contracted crew members
Over 230 hours in hair and makeup
Over 170 combined total days of filming
12 episodes total
6 months filming
3 seasons of weather
2 units running parallel

There have been multiple articles as well on the Internet about filming. Here is one from Hello Magazine.

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