PBS Masterpiece released the cutest clip this week on Twitter and Facebook, promoting season two. It’s also posted on the official PBS Masterpiece Website. Finally, on YouTube, watch below.

It includes scenes from season one and dialogue clips, narrated by an entertaining English female voice. Though some fans didn’t like the Bridgerton feel, I say good for PBS. It’s quite ingenious to get individuals interested who have never watched Sanditon and raise awareness for season two coming on March 20, 2022. Below is a transcript. All copyright belongs to PBS Masterpiece and is posted with fair use. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out.

Come hear the tale of Sanditon, the village by the sea.
A fine resort is Sanditon, at least it hopes to be.
Here’s Charlotte, naive country girl, come to see what she can see.

Tom Parker dreamed up Sanditon, this haven on the ocean.
His brother, Sidney, brings rich friends to aid it its promotion.
While brother Arthur is quite content, avoiding the commotion.

Lady Denham rules the town from high upon a hill.
Her fortune’s building Sanditon, for she pays all the bills.
Surrounded by her relatives, all eyes are on her will.

Into the mix an heiress comes, her fortune very grand.
Pursuers left and right compete to try to win her hand.
But her heart belongs to a secret love and to no other man.

But wait! What’s this? The heiress gone, spirited away.
Her riches, a temptation, seems she’s met with some foul play.
Can Sidney and Charlotte come in time? Can they save the day?

For Charlotte and Sidney a second chance to find their heart’s desire.
The final ball, the final dance, who knows what may transpire.
Will sparks of passion build delight, a roaring, blazing fire?

And now it seems our Sidney must leave his Charlotte’s side.
To save the town, he takes a wealthy widow for his bride.
And for poor Charlotte, all that’s left is a lonely carriage ride.

But fear not, gentle viewer, the story does not cease.
This was merely a reminder so your interest will increase.
For season two of Sanditon, is coming soon on Masterpiece.

Transcribed from PBS Masterpiece Video

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