Stop, in the name of Sanditon! If you don’t want to know what’s coming your way, close this website page and move on. Otherwise, if you dare to read, below are the snippets of each episode as posted by IMDb and a short analysis from my perspective.


You have been alerted.

Charlotte returns to Sanditon in unexpected circumstances. A group of Army officers descend on the town, offering both romantic and business opportunities. Georgiana meets an intriguing artist. Esther Babington has an unwanted encounter.

Episode 1, Season 2

My first thought is good gracious, business opportunities. What is Tom Parker going to get sucked into now? Beyond that, we know that Charlotte returns, and the “unexpected circumstances” may be Sidney Parker’s demise. The militia arrives, offering romantic opportunities, meaning the male to female ratio has increased. Of this, we can be assured. Georgiana is meeting up with Charles Lockhart – let the games begin. And our poor Esther Babington has to face the snake in the form of Captain Edward Denham. Good gracious, that man is going to wreak havoc, no doubt, on Esther’s life again. I love Jack Fox! I despise Edward Denham! What does the scoundrel have up his sleeve this season?

Charlotte starts her new job for the mysterious Alexander Colbourne. Alison is determined to be reunited with her beau, and Georgiana receives some bad news. Lady Denham receives an unexpected surprise. Tom and Colonel Lennox make plans.

Episode 2, Season 2

Well, the interview apparently went well, eventually. Did Charlotte and Colbourne hit it off? According to Ben Lloyd-Hughes, their first meeting is a bit rocky, but now we see Charlotte gets the job. You go, girl! You are independent! Alison is determined to be reunited with her beau? [insert scratches head]. Unless episode one is a fast track to romance for Alison, I’m not sure what to make of this statement. Lady Denham receives an unexpected surprise. Is it her former love from her youth or Clara showing up on her doorstep? Time will tell. What bad news besets Georgiana? It is from Antiqua? And here we go again, the line that screams CAUTION – Tom and Lennox make plans. My first thought brings me to wonder about Lennox and his intentions and integrity. Tom is such a pushover when it comes to money. Is he going to make a poor investment in some scheme of Lennox? Naturally, I’m still suffering from the PTSD of the no insurance scenario, and I cannot help but wonder what financial blunder Tom Parker may make in seasons two and three.

Charlotte and Alexander Colbourne reach an understanding as she and Colonel Lennox enjoy a close encounter. Alison falls for her new beau, unaware he’s wooing her under false pretenses. Clara seeks Esther’s help. Edward hatches a plan.

Episode 3, Season 2

Ooh, an understanding between Charlotte and Colbourne. Hmm, my plot brain wonders what that could be. Does he disapprove of her and Lennox? Does he express his feelings early in the season and Charlotte puts him off? Does she declare she’s not ready for marriage, but apparently seems to enjoy a “close” encounter with Lennox? Does Lennox move in with a kiss? Oh, the possibilities. Alison appears to be under the spell of Captain Carter, who is less than honorable. I see the future conflict between Captain Fraser and Captain Carter over Alison on the horizon. Now shockingly so, Clara wants Esther’s help. Are the former enemies now forming a friendship? As I try to plot this in my brain, word on the fandom street is that Esther wants a baby and hasn’t been able to get pregnant. Does Clara offer the baby to her? Maybe a stretch on my part, but I’m an author. I plot. It’s what I do. What plan is Edward hatching next? His venality never ceases to amaze me.

Tension mounts when Colbourne and Colonel Lennox reunite at Lady Denham’s garden party. Georgiana learns a vital piece of information. Alison’s much desired proposal nearly ends in tragedy. Edward attempts to exploit Clara’s predicament.

Episode 4, Season 2

Tensions mount. Oh, boy, can’t wait for Colbourne and Lennox to go head to head over Charlotte. Apparently, tensions will be in public at Lady Denham’s garden party for all to see. As I mentioned before, the released pictures of Lennox standing on the sidelines with wine in hand watching someone else, make me think he’s not too pleased that Charlotte may be in Colbourne’s arm during a waltz. If this is a definite rivalry for her affections, it’s going to be a wild ride between the two. Poor Charlotte will be in the middle, and it makes you wonder how she will react to two men not being so gentlemanly toward one another. Perhaps at the end of the season, their actions send her in the opposite direction instead of into someone’s arms. Of course, that’s just my speculation. Now Georgiana learns a vital piece of intel. Is that intel about Sidney in some fashion? Alison receives a proposal, but what’s the almost tragedy? And Edward is doing what Edward does best, exploiting Clara’s predicament, which I still think is pregnancy or a recently born child fathered by him. Just throwing that out there to contemplate. It certainly wreaks of SCANDAL.

Lennox and Colbourne’s rivalry over Charlotte comes to a head. Georgiana makes a decision that will impact her future. Edward’s manipulation of Esther takes a dark turn. Alison realizes what she has been missing.

Episode 5, Season 2

Of course, I thought it came to a head in Episode 4, but five seems to be more dramatic. What is going on between these two? Are they getting physical? Making threats? Digging up dirt on one another? Now boys, don’t disappoint us over your inabilities to keep a rational head when it comes to Charlotte. Georgiana is making a decision, which we can only speculate about. Makes me wonder if Charles Lockhart has attempted to gain her affections, and she decides he’s not the one. Edward continues to be a scoundrel when it comes to Esther, and I think I’m going to slap the television screen when his face appears if he hurts her another moment. Does Alison realize what’s she missing? My take – it’s the other guy – Captain Fraser.

Alison prepares to leave Sanditon with her dreams of romance fading. Charlotte ponders her future. Georgiana learns shocking truths when Sidney’s belongings are returned. Esther faces a bleak future as Edward’s schemes come to fruition.

Episode 6, Season 2

How can it be the last episode already? Alison prepares to leave, but does she leave? That remains to be seen. Charlotte ponders her future, but we certainly don’t see any wedding bells in these four words. Will she stay in the employ of Colbourne? Will she decide to pursue a romance with either Lennox or Colbourne? Will she put them both on the back burner and insist upon her independence, because she fears falling in love again? Perhaps she moves on and takes a risk with one of them. The suspense is killing me because we want romance! We need healing from season one’s cliffhanger heartbreak. Then, comes the sentence, “Sidney’s belongings are returned.” Georgiana learns a shocking truth. We could speculate for hours on this truth. I’m going to sweep this one aside and allow myself to be surprised at what that could mean. And then my stomach drops into the pit of my gut reading, “Esther faces a bleak future” thanks to Edward’s schemes. Back to plotting. Is Edward going to refuse to let Esther have Clara’s baby because he’s the father? Yes, speculation. I could be wrong. Let’s take bets. Are we going to be left on a cliff here? What has Edward done now? How does this involve Babington? Is he back to manipulating Esther? Has she succumbed to Edward’s despicable charms or does she still loathe him? Will this leave a bad taste in our mouths as the last episode end?

There are so many questions – so many possibilities – that it makes my head spin, but in a good way. One obvious undertone we pick up from these snippets is that Sidney Parker may be physically dead, but his story is continued in the thread throughout in connection with Georgiana. The writers have given Sidney that nod and a continued presence, despite Theo James not returning. They said they would respect Sidney, and so it seems they have. It’s a bold and empathetic move, as they could have buried him entirely not continuing any storyline in this regard. Frankly, it’s another brilliant plot sideline, showcasing the writers and their talent. They understood the fandom’s disappointment in Theo James’ departure, and no doubt created a respectful storyline to leave Sidney a legacy in Sanditon. He may not be there physically, but Sidney’s story continues.

I frankly do not know how I can make it another year until the final season is aired. I think we will be enthralled, teased, taken on a wild ride, shocked, left in suspense, and wondered what the heck just happened. All I do know is that eventually, Charlotte must get her happily ever after with someone by the end of Season 3. I thought I had it wrapped in my head it would be Colbourne, but it appears Lennox is in the race until the end of Season 2 for sure.

So what’s your plot brain telling you from these short snippets of what’s to come? Feel free to leave your comments below.



  1. I agree with everything you said! My heart is still Sidlotte, so the fact that they’re honoring Sidney as the hero he is/was is heartwarming to say the least ❤️. I’m not won over by Colbourne personally, so I’m thrilled Lennox is still in the running. I don’t think Charlotte chooses either this season, but we’ll see. Alison is moving a bit too quickly, but idk if that’ll be resolved either. I’m very curious to see Georgiana’s storyline, especially with Lockhart, Arthur, and Sidney’s mystery. The mysteries are why I’m here: WTH happened to SP, Georgiana and Charlotte’s journeys, Edward/Clara/Esther story and Tom’s partnership with Lennox. The only downside is that I wish we got more of the Parkers. But we’ll see how this plays out in a few weeks 🙂

  2. I’m afraid that from the tips suggested in IMDB, I’m left with the feeling of too much “stuffing”. The only thing that can really intrigue me is the episode with the revelations through Sydney’s belongings. 🙁

  3. I am team Colburne all the way! Colonel Lennox is a nasty beast – Charlotte deserves a good devoted man such as Colburne and Colburne deserves a new beginning with Charlotte!! I am enjoying this season!

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