As you can see front and center on the home page is the new trailer that BritBoxUK released to the fandom of Sanditon. Good gracious! What stir it caused on social media! I instantly gasped – yes, I gasped, watching even more new scenes that we haven’t seen before.

It begins with the familiar scene of Charlotte entering Trafalgar House, but we hear her sister say, “Are you not excited to be returning?” By the look on Charlotte’s face, you can see the signs of painful memories as she forces a smile.

“Rather thought we’d seen the last of you,” declares Lady Denham, as Charlotte and her sister stand before her. While Tom boasts in another frame, “Sanditon is fast becoming the most desirable destination on the south coast.” His dreams were realized, but at what cost?

Fortune or Freedom

How are we to attract rich husbands unless we look the part,” Alison asks. While Charlotte replies, “I came here to avoid all that.” It’s obvious from what we’ve seen, that Charlotte is hesitant to pursue love again in Sanditon, although by the looks of it, two men are definitely pursuing her.

The zingers start as Lady Denham looks at Charlotte and says, “You remain stubbornly unwed I see.” We next hear Charlotte declare, “I have a job. I am a governess.”No one chooses to be a spinster,” Lady Denham grumbles.

In another clip, we hear Georgiana counsel Charlotte, “You can’t recapture what you had with Sidney.

“I believe you have a rival,” Lady Denham declares to Lennox as they stand side by side.

I could certainly write more about this wonderful trailer, but my day was filled with work and other responsibilities. Perhaps, I will be back to add more thoughts in the days ahead. In the meantime, enjoy the screencaps below.

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