Yesterday, the Sanditon Sisterhood on Twitter posted answers that were posed earlier by the fan base in a Q&A to be showcased at a later date. The event wasn’t live, but answers were posted to questions throughout the day from Belinda Campbell, Executive Producer at Red Planet Pictures, and Justin Young, lead writer on Sandition S2 and S3. The entire string of answers are can be found at Twitter/SanditonGuest.

Belinda Campbell
Justin Young

Questions ranged from everything from auditions, castings, writing, locating, production, etc., and also contained answers about Theo James not returning to reprise his role as Sidney. Apparently, discussions did occur to bring him back, but he did not have an option to return in his contract. In such cases, if he had returned, his contract would have been renegotiated. Nevertheless, once again after numerous conversations, it was relayed that Theo James decided to move his career elsewhere, not bothered by the ending of season one that he thought unique.

There are other Q&As coming in the near future:

  • PBS Zoom Webinar Event on March 13, 2022, airing only in the United States, airing Episode 1, with attendance afterward by Rose Williams, Tom Weston-Jones, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Crystal Clarke, plus Justin Young, Belinda Campbell, and Susanne Simpson. I will blog afterward on both the episode and separately on the webinar with the cast.
  • Jane Austen Literacy Foundation is also have a Q&A with Belinda and Justin to be aired on YouTube on March 17, 2022.

The next week is going to be busy! I’ll be posting on each episode after it airs a week ahead of airing for the general audience on March 20, 2022, on PBS and March 21, 2022, on BritBoxUK.

Are we excited yet?

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