When I wrote my post about the dark side of fandom months ago, I wrote that I would move on and forget about the disgruntled fans. Today I’ve reached my tolerance level and the dam of my discontent is about to be unleashed.

Twitter is a great place to connect with fans who love Sanditon, but it’s also become a cesspool because certain individuals continue to spew their vitriol toward the creators of Sanditon. Why? Because there will be no #SidlotteForever ending for Charlotte and Sidney. It’s a fact they cannot let go. In their mind, the continuation of Season 2 and 3 are not what they campaigned for after ITV canceled. They are accusing the writers, producers, production companies of lies, betrayal, and now cruelty because they know of Sidney Parker’s fictional demise.

Currently, they are bombarding Masterpiece, BritBoxUK, ITV, Red Planet Pictures, PBS Distribution, and anyone else remotely attached to Sanditon with hateful comments. It’s a continual launch of Tweets directed at them to bitch and accuse everyone because they didn’t get what they wanted. Classic projection and the inability to grieve and move on because of disappointment. It’s almost become a mental condition with no rational reason behind their campaign now.

There is an actual war going on in the world, yet these immature individuals have no qualms about doing the following:

  • Calling the writers and producers liars
  • Accusing the writers and producers of lacking integrity and professionalism
  • Body shaming and calling the incoming male leads as ugly, homely, who can’t compare to Theo James
  • Saying they won’t watch because it’s not what they campaigned for.
  • Accusing the writers of turning Sanditon into a soap opera
  • Hoping the show will fail and their will get their just reward for screwing them over.
  • Declaring no one will be watching
  • And on, and on, and on with other insensitive and outrageous Tweets of hatred.

Calling out their bad behavior does nothing to dissuade them to stop the hatred. Frankly, I’d love to post all of the Twitter handles on here, but I’m not that vindictive. I can only say that the ill-gotten Theo James worship has corrupted their minds to such an extent, that they are inept in their ability to behave like rational, decent human beings. Hiding behind the guise of “free speech,” they will no doubt continue to rant and rave until the end of Season 3 airing and beyond.

I ask myself – What is their end game? What do they hope to accomplish? Both seasons two and three have been filmed. Nothing will change in bringing back Theo James or a #Sidlotte ending. My only guess on their constant attacks is an attempt to bring down the production to failure by their vindictive behavior.

I set this website up for one purpose, to show my support of the writers, cast, and crew because of what I witnessed on social media. I am one voice of reason, who disagrees wholeheartedly with everything these disgruntled fans stand for with Sanditon. If you feel the same way and love Sanditon, show PBS Masterpiece, Red Planet Pictures, BritBoxUK, the writers and producers your love and support to counter what is happening. Our voice needs to be louder in the type of world we live in today. There should be no place for the bombardment of hatred. After all, this is a fictional world, and in the real world, people are fighting for their lives and freedom to live in peace.

They say they don’t care about Seasons 2 and 3. But that’s obvious, even from the words of our beloved Charlotte Heywood:

Only, if you really don’t care, I wonder that you take the trouble to be quite so offensive and hurtful.

Good Day!

My failure, unfortunately, is that I probably let this crap get to me more than I should. I’m a peacemaker at heart and the type of person who grew up in a world where people showed respect to others even if they disagreed. The world has changed, unfortunately, because of social media that gives a platform to speak (for the most part unless you get banned for hate speech) whatever you choose. This is a type of hate speech in a different form. As a society, we can use social media for good or evil. I choose to use it for the good of others and not for my selfish pursuits or to spread hatred and discontent among a fan base.

In the words of Sidney Parker, “that is all.”

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