Colonel Lennox – We get more screen time in Episode 1 with Lennox than any other. Naturally, initial impressions are he’s a formidable male specimen dressed in his redcoat and military regalia. He’s well-spoken, has chisel features, clean-shaven (just how I like them), and carries an obvious presence that makes him the center of attention among the rest of his counterparts. He definitely has a first impression episode when he sees Charlotte, and makes no hesitation in engaging with her both in teasing banter and directly during their conversations (or as Jane Austen would say – intercourse). Since he gives the orders, so to speak, you definitely know he’s probably a man who gets what he wants. The question is, to what extent will he use that personality trait to gain Charlotte’s affections? I want to believe that he’s not a Wickham in any sense, but now with the knowledge that he knows Colbourne, there may be a darker past or characteristic not yet revealed. Time will tell. In the meantime, he’s nice on the eyes, that’s for sure.

Alexander Colbourne – There is less screen time with Colbourne and what we know about him actually comes from Tom’s complaint about his character – miser, recluse, nothing good to say about the man. The description doesn’t appear to dissuade Charlotte from returning to his home to boldly inquire about the position of governess. Our first glimpse of him is when he stands by the window and is looking outside, while the next is behind the desk appearing a bit peeved that he’s being interrupted by someone who just showed up at his door to request an interview. He’s sullen, with the stubble look on his face. Swift to the point in his speech. Irritable, brooding (hmm, sounds like someone else I know). His interaction with Charlotte blows up in his face, but later he returns to offer Charlotte a job. There’s no remorse in his voice. It’s just business, you see. The job is yours if you want it, and he rides off. I think his dog has more influence on him than anyone at this point. What else we glean from Mr. Colbourne’s personality must be revealed in the episodes to come, as the first one give us much less insight, except perhaps to the obvious change in the musical score when you arrive at his door. Are we sure there’s no one locked in the attic?

Charles Lockhart – He’s got the best entrance than anyone in Season 2. Rising out of the water, no doubt having bathed naked, he wraps his sarong, puts on his robe, and walks down the street as if nothing is amiss by his exposed flesh. The stops for a moment and exchanges a few quick pleasantries, giving the ladies an eyeful and the Parkers raised brow. Later on, he swaggers into the tea room (fully clothed, I might add), sits down, reads the paper, and catches the eye of Georgiana. I mean, how can anyone miss this fashionable dandy who has arrived in Sanditon? When he meets Georgiana through Arthur’s introduction, he’s the smooth male character that can throw those smoldering looks your way. Expressive eyes. Well dressed. Wonderful voice. Will he be too much for Georgiana? I can’t wait to see what more is revealed both physically and emotionally when it comes to Charles Lockhart.

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