“I auditioned for two different characters two different times for the first series,” Lloyd-Hughes said. “And I was really excited about the idea of the show. It was just a fantastic premise and fantastic characters, and I didn’t get either of those parts, of course.”Then when the second series came along, it came along quite quickly and in a really surreal and intense time in my life where I thought I was meant to be doing a different job and then that job for various reasons fell through,” Lloyd-Hughes said. “Sanditon really quickly came along and just was an amazing serendipitous moment that I was hugely excited about the role and the opportunity and I loved every minute of it.”


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  1. I didn’t get that much into season 1 of Sanditon, but now Season 2….OMG! And it’s because of Ben Lloyd-Hughes. There is so much chemistry there. Those looks, those eyes… Whew!! I melted watching him dance with Charlotte. And then that kiss…..Theo James can’t hold a candle to Ben.

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