Yesterday, Twitter and Facebook went insane with tweets and posts after it was revealed that iTunes had accidentally dropped the entire season of Sanditon season two at once. For a mere $14.99, anyone could download the season and watch the remaining episodes. Needless to say, many fans took advantage of that error before it was discovered and the episodes were pulled and made unavailable.

Well, I got in on the deal beforehand and was able to see the remaining series. Unfortunately, I had to watch it on my iPhone, but what the heck, I got the full season in all its glory. It’s the day after, and I’m still recovering. From what you say? From excellent storytelling, performances, twists, wild rides, and a cliffhanger, making you want season three for resolution. Shall I spoil it for you? Sorry, my lips are sealed.

I can only say you may come across spoilers here and there but most are keeping the ending under wraps.

Will you like what’s coming? My advice is: (1) get a good night’s sleep before episode six because you won’t get much sleep afterward; (2) keep a box of tissues handy; (3) a glass of wine will calm your nerves, and (4) don’t despair at the end. I know Justin Young and the cast will bring us to a satisfying resolution. Although lovers may have a few bumps along the way, a HEA will come.

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