After airing episode six of Sanditon season two, viewers will be bereft as they deal with the ending. But, be not dismayed, dear audience; all is not lost like season one with no resolution. Sanditon season three has already been filmed!

As you have seen, Charlotte and Alexander go their separate ways, and Charlotte announces her engagement to Ralph (played by Cai Brigden). You can be assured that Ralph is merely a plot device, the safe alternative, and the man who is not the intended for Charlotte. Fans who diligently followed the cast and crew during the filming of season three have amassed behind-the-scenes shots during filming. Like Sanditon sleuths, all sorts of scenarios are being pieced together.

Season three has been filmed and will end with fireworks and congratulations when aired. It’s a foregone conclusion by all of us that Colbourne will marry Charlotte once they have healed from the demons and disappointments of their past. Good things are yet to come, but we’ll have to wait for it until 2023, thanks to PBS Masterpiece/BritBox scheduling, for its release. No doubt in good time, we will receive further cast announcements, early promotional photographs, teasers, and trailers before airing. The fans will gobble up every tidbit to hold us over in the meantime while rewatching season two hundreds of times.

All of your favorites will be back – Charlotte (naturally!), Allison and Fraser, Parkers, Miss Lambe, Colbourne, Augusta, Leo, Mrs. Wheatley, Edward and Lady Denham (I’m not sure about Esther), Charles Lockhart, and others. I wouldn’t put too much stock into the IMDb cast listing for season three as it appears now, as anyone can update the page, including the general public. Read Here They have Lennox and Carter returning, which is an error. Justin Young, the leader writer, has confirmed that Lennox will not return in season three, nor will Esther, Lady Babington.

Lady Susan (played by Sophie Winkleman) will reappear in season three, who is Charlotte’s counsel when it comes to love. Lady Denham’s youthful love mentioned in season one arrives (Sir Rowleigh Pryce) played by James Bolam. Emma Fielding will play Lady Montrose (unknown how she fits into the plot), and Liam Garrigan (character name unknown at this time) has been seen in behind-the-scene photos on the beach with Lady Susan.

As the new cast choices are announced, I’ll be sure to update as we know more.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen some of the fun behind-the-scenes pictures of season two that PBS Masterpiece posted recently, head on over and take a look. I would only say be forewarned that the picture of Ben Lloyd-Hughes may cause female swooning and heart palpitations.


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  1. It was my understanding that Liam Garrigan will be playing the character of Samuel Colbourne as per the “Sanditon Sleuths” on Reddit Sanditon site. Introducing a character that may be Colbourne’s brother makes sense since he mentioned having one to Charlotte in passing.

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