Today the website released two fun videos with Rose Williams, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, and Tom Weston-Jones answering fun trivia questions and would you rather superlative questions. Ben, gave us a few quick singing lines of “Matchmaker” at the end, which Rose mentioned before in interviews that Ben often sang on set. Nice voice, Ben!

Enjoy these videos below from these wonderful people! Gosh, I wish I could hug them all and thank them personally.

Another new one! Colbourne and Lennox dating profiles? Hilarious.

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  1. So, I adore these videos & a couple of things I noticed 1. Ben can sing (sign) 2. Ben mentioned a Season 4 (joking, but still) 3. Rose told Ben it was probably a good thing he didn’t see Season 1 4. Rose looked awkward when Ben said a cup of Theo

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