More great interviews from Collider with the cast of Sanditon season two. These give great insight into the filming and the cast’s approach and feelings toward some of the scenes.

To hold fans over until Season 3 (which has already been shot), Collider spoke to Ben Lloyd-Hughes (who plays Alexander Colbourne) and Tom Weston-Jones (who plays Colonel Lennox) about what it was like to shoot some of the stand-out moments in the final episode of Season 2.



  1. Why was Sidney written out of the script?

    1. Author

      Theo James' statementTheo James, who played Sidney Parker, did not want to return to the show when it got renewed Writers didn’t think that fans would readily accept a recasting of his character without complaint as to who they chose for the part, and rumors swirled that Sidney would eventually return in the story, which was not true. The producers and writers decided to make it quite clear by his death that Sidney Parker was gone; however, they did their best to keep his memory alive throughout Season 2. I think they did a fine job of doing so, especially in the last episode.

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