If you’ve read the history behind Sanditon’s creation of season one on ITV, you know that it was canceled. A quick recap – Sanditon is a Red Planet Pictures production for ITV in the United Kingdom, co-produced with Masterpiece PBS in association with BBC Studios Distribution.

Today marks the comeback of Sanditon season two to ITV, which serves England, Wales, southern Scotland, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, and Northern Ireland. It’s been great to see the huge promotion hitting social media, as tonight at 9 p.m., across the pond, it’s going to begin. It’s also available on ITV Hub for those who wish to binge-watch the entire season.

Quite a few English news outlets and television promotion outlets are talking about its release, and we will soon have a new interview with the cast posted by BuzzFeed. Stay tuned for more information coming your way.

For my readers who will see Sandition season two for the first time, prepare to be amazed. The writers, cast, and crew did a stellar job.

Read some recent promotions here, along with great shoutouts to the Sanditon Sisterhood, who played a pivotal role in bringing the series back.

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