Yes, the fans are super sleuths. You missed a lot last year if you haven’t been part of the Twitter crowd and the super fantastic fans who can chase down a leak from ten miles away. Interesting article about the many loyal and enthusiastic fans that are good at sneaking pictures during filming, analyzing released photos and information, and coming up with possible plot lines. Kris Marshall thinks we are like MI6, spying in the shadows. Justin Young had this to say:

We don’t want to drip feed too much in advance because our fans are so canny as well and what we found with season two was, you know, we’d release a five-second trailer, and they would zoom in. They would extrapolate out of that entire plot strands that we thought were very, very cunning, so I think we’d be quite careful about how much we release in advance this time around.


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  1. I hope Charlotte and Alexander get marry. They could bundle their sorrows and understanding, their attraction for each other, and most of all, their common respect and love …. Having endured the lost of their first love, this time they may cherish new and mature love. Augusta, Leo, Mrs W and rest of the Colbourne household may rejoyce at last !!
    After all, Charlotte said to Alexander “let not the past hinders the future ” . Or something like that. Jane Austen, bless her soul, is a positive lady. I personally love HEYBOURNE !!! 🤗🤗🤗

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