An interesting article came out today from CNN Style about Regency romance being popular 200 years after Jane Austen. The writer equates both period dramas and historical romance books set in the Regency era as being sought by women as history and fantasy to fulfill our romantic longings. It is also interesting that they say Sanditon is a “cult favorite.” If they are attempting to say that we are a group of fans who have excessive admiration for Sanditon, they got that right.

Every few years, the Austenites must feed. Netflix’s adaptation of “Persuasion” and the revival of the cult-favorite show “Sanditon” are the latest offerings to Jane Austen, whose memory must be regularly appeased by new odes to her groundbreaking romantic novels.

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I can attest that the historical romance genre is bursting at the seams with Regency-era books. You can find all the dukes, earls, viscounts, barons, and the like on any page you want. To check out the best-selling list, visit Amazon. And if you haven’t already, order Jane Austen’s unfinished Sanditon and read it yourself.

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  1. Women were kept, against their will, insignificant. As time goes by, we have developed and surely taken our place in community. We happened to be world’s best selling romantic authors, amongst other things! So we balance our sanity by indulging into a romantic fantasy, and or, real world. Where unromantic men still dominates. Chandra Deosarran.

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