Many fans are probably speculating the same thing after seeing the latest trailer that just dropped from PBS. What do you think? Will Edward reform? Is he an “unredeemable” in the scheme of things only thinking of money, money, money? Can’t wait to find out!

There are also clues that romance could be in the air for Colbourne’s teenage niece Augusta, though the man she seems to have her eye on may not be entirely suitable. In the clip, she and the caddish Edward Denham (Jack Fox) exchange a meaningful look when they meet in the street. And according to PBS’s synopsis of the upcoming season, Augusta “falls for a questionable admirer.” Could that questionable admirer be Edward? 
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Also, I’d like to thank Jack Fox for being such a sport on Twitter ( He continues to interact with the fans as graciously as ever. A terrific guy who allows us to ditch on despicable Edward.