Since late January, episode synopses have been popping up on a variety of websites. They are now posted on PBS Masterpiece, Google, Rotten Tomatoes, and elsewhere. Of course, reading these short two to three-sentence teasers brings rise to speculation by Sanditon fans as to what is going to happen in season three. In addition, two trailers have been released with a few lines spoken and fleeting one to two-second scenes for us to analyze.

Let’s take a minute and attempt to dissect some of the hidden meanings. Remember, these are just my speculative thoughts. We are all at the mercy of Justin Young and the co-writers who plotted away behind closed doors. As an author, my brain plots too. Nevertheless, I could be WAY off or slightly right. The fact is, however, that many of the fans have a sixth sense when it comes to Sanditon and are great at guessing what’s to come.

We will start with the PBS Masterpiece version below, and I’ll add any differentiations found elsewhere.

EPISODE 1 -Fiancé in tow, Charlotte arrives in Sanditon for the society event of the year. Seeing Colbourne leaves her feeling uncertain. Meanwhile, Georgiana receives a shocking threat to her fortune, and Edward tries to prove to Lady Denham that he is a changed man.

Okay, let’s identify the elephant in the room. Ralph. Poor farmer Ralph, seen in one promotional photo on the beach in a rather tattered garment (check out that sleeve below). Charlotte has returned to Sanditon for the social event of the year, which as noted in another description, is Georgiana’s 21st birthday party. Ralph will be introduced to Sanditon society, playing games on the beach, attending dinners, balls, and interacting with the Parkers and others. How will he come across? It should be interesting to see his personality and how he interacts with Charlotte. I cannot help but wonder how long he will last before Charlotte declares “you cannot choose who you will love.” After seeing a few forlorn pictures of Ralph, looking heartbroken, it’s obvious what’s coming. I’m hoping he’s gone back home by the end of episode two, mucking with the pigs. 🐖

We see in the trailers that Colbourne arrives at an event, which we assume is the birthday celebration for Georgiana.🎂 Did the invitation come from her? It’s there that he sees Charlotte again, approaching her and saying that he heard she had returned to Sanditon. What an angst renewal that will be. I can hear Charlotte’s voice like Anne Elliot in Persuasion,

“It is over! it is over!” she repeated to herself again and again, in nervous gratitude. “The worst is over!”

She had seen him. They had met. They had been once more in the same room.

Persuasion by Jane Austen

A shocking threat to Georgian’s fortune arrives, which I surmise is coming from Lockhart again. I wonder if the rascal is going to ruin her party by showing up now that she has her inheritance. Undoubtedly, he will file in English courts this time to claim his right to her inheritance. Since we know that Alexander Vlahos returns for season three, I think that’s a safe assumption revenge is on the way.

And Edward. What can we say? Has the hard labor and religious instruction truly redeemed this rake of all rakes who did despicable things to Esther and grabbed Clara’s arm in an abusive manner? He’s trying to prove again that he is a changed man to Lady Denham. Boy, we’ve heard that declaration before. Once a snake always a snake, or is he one of the “redeemable” individuals who has seen the light? Perhaps he had a Christmas eve visit from the ghosts of the past, present, and future to shock some sense into him.

EPISODE 2 – Georgiana faces a nearly impossible task in trying to find a lawyer, but help arrives from a surprising place. Lady Denham accepts a new vision for the town and spars with an old flame. Arthur makes a new friend.

Samuel Colbourne (played by Liam Garrigan) is going to arrive to save the day as an attorney for Georgiana. I’m so excited to meet this new cast member and brother to Alexander. I have a feeling that he’s going to be a welcome addition – giving advice to Alexander about love, interacting with Lady Susan, and saving the day, hopefully, for Georgiana. I mean look at the two brothers standing side-by-side at Heyrick Park? It’s Regency heartthrobs! ❤️

Another fantastic arrival will be Lady Denham’s old flame – Rowleigh (James Bolam), “who is a wealthy, curmudgeonly investor who is interested in teaming up with Tom Parker on the seaside resort’s expansion,” according to BBC Media Center. I’m wondering what the “new vision” for the town will entail, and if Lady Denham will marry her old flame. I find it hard to believe that she will, but this will be interesting to see these interactions play out. Will the Parker’s debt to Eliza be resolved? 💰

Amidst these newcomers, arrives Lady Montrose (Emma Fielding), with her two children for whom she wants to find matches, Lydia and Henry. From what we’ve read, Lydia is independent and not in a hurry to marry. Will her mother have Colbourne in her sight as a possible match for her daughter? Then there is Henry, who we have seen already in promotional photographs, holding hands with Georgiana. No doubt he’s going to attempt to court her, but will she be receptive? My thoughts are that in later episodes, she may change her mind in a panic to save her fortune. Yet, in other articles, we read he’s hiding a secret, and many fans think he may be gay and marrying for appearance’s sake. It’s also been speculated that he might be a love interest for Arthur. We’ll have to see how this plays out.

EPISODE 3 – Georgiana gets a surprise visit. Colbourne’s shooting party goes ahead and Charlotte has to confront all that she’s lost. Mary and Tom cross swords over his plans for the old town.

This description is a bit different on Google. “The day of Georgiana’s trial arrives, and she gets a surprise visit from an old friend. Colbourne’s shooting party goes ahead and he gets closer to Lydia.”

Well, first off – Colbourne is having people at his estate! What’s up with that? All I can say from the photographs released, this man has changed, grown, come out of his hiding, and is becoming an active member of society. I’m so happy to see his transformation because even the pictures we see of him for season three show a more confident and handsome Regency hero. However, Google’s words, “he gets closer to Lydia,” for me hold little value. We already know that Lydia’s mother is pushing her to marry, while she enjoys her independence. It may on the surface look that way, but deep down we know that Charlotte holds Coulbourne’s heart. In the meantime, let’s have a moment of silence for all the birds that will no doubt be bagged. 🪶

Charlotte confronting all that she has lost must be that Ralph is no longer her intended. We all knew that was coming, so good riddance. However, without the surety of marriage, no job to support herself, and Ralph out of the picture, what will Charlotte do? She probably thinks she has lost her chance with Colbourne, so what new path does she forge for herself now?

Then we have the cryptic “visit from an old friend” for Georgiana as her trial begins. Will Otis be back in the picture? Where her story leads will definitely be very interesting to see unfold. I do hope that she finds her mother during her journey and keeps her fortune.

EPISODE 4 – Charlotte attempts to distance herself from Colbourne but as they are repeatedly thrown into each other’s orbit, their chemistry rises. Meanwhile Georgiana is unravelling and makes a surprising decision to protect herself.

In my mind, this reminds me of Persuasion, when Anne is constantly in Captain Wentworth’s presence and they are both still in love with each other. I’m excited to see the chemistry play out between these two tortured individuals who can’t seem to articulate their affection in each other’s presence. It’s going to be 🔥hot!

Meanwhile Georgiana – I have a sneaking suspicion that she thinks that she will not win her case in court and that she will lose her inheritance. However, if she marries before the decision is final, her money will transfer to her husband. At this point, the desperation will probably sink in and she will agree to marry Henry Montrose. I’m speculating here, so if I’m wrong, I’ll eat crow. Is that a wedding dress?

EPISODE 5 – Charlotte and Colbourne rush to Augusta’s aid and it’s revealed whether Edward really is a changed man or not. Tom secures a financial investment… but is delivered some devastating news. And whilst love blossoms elsewhere, Arthur’s heart is broken.

Okay, let’s talk about this painful and shock-filled unfolding of Edward Denham and Augusta Markham apparent hook-up in recently released photos. 😲 (I hashtag them #HamHam). Your guess is as good as mine in this scenario. Does Edward pursue Augusta because he must marry money to survive, or does Augusta have a teenage crush on Edward and pursues him all starry-eyed and blindly in love? Whatever the outcome here, Charlotte and Colbourne are “rushing” to the aid of Augusta, who might be running off to marry Edward. This is definitely going to be interesting and sounds a bit like Pride & Prejudice, running after Lydia scenario.

Google adds more than the above by stating, “Georgina is reunited with a ghost from her past.” Could this be her mother? ” “And Charlotte must make a difficult decision about her future.” Back to being a governess? Going home to FarmVille? Telling Colbourne she loves him?

Arthur’s heart is going to be broken, and as stated above I think this may have to do with Henry but I could be wrong. I don’t think Arthur would be happy for Georgiana if she married rashly and without love. He always has her best interest at heart.

And what’s this financial investment Tom secures? It is from Rowleigh? What’s the devasting news? Does Lady Denham kick the bucket?

EPISODE 6 – Charlotte desperately wants to tell Colbourne the truth about her feelings, but a shocking revelation stops her in her tracks. Having opened her heart, Georgiana’s worst fears are realized when she discovers she has been abandoned.

Let’s preface the description above about these two who can’t seem to tell articulate their feelings to one another. (“The house misses you.” Insert facepalm 🤦) Eventually, this has to end. Colbourne needs to declare his love for Charlotte; and Charlotte needs to stop acting like Elizabeth Bennett that he’s the last man she would be prevailed to marry, since he kissed her as her employer. As far as the shocking revelation, I think someone has blabbered about Colbourne and Lydia soon to be married. Perhaps Lydia’s mother brags to Charlotte to put her in her place. Hmm, I wonder if she will remind us of Eliza doing the same in front of Sidney. Obviously, this will be another misunderstanding written by the writers of season three to drive us to drink while watching the last episode. Nevertheless, Charlotte and Alexander MUST be the endgame we ship. 🚢

As far as Georgiana, I am worried about her storyline. If she is left dangling in this story, it would be nice if PBS Masterpiece picked up a few of these characters and continued with a new series giving us a resolution for her at the very least. Let’s hope it’s not that much of a letdown where her story arc travels. Maybe she will travel the world with Arthur as her companion or return to Antigua.

Well, I’m sure each of you has your own suspicions and speculations as to what is to come. It’s hard to believe we are only 31 days away as I release as I write this post. I’m SO disappointed at my local PBS station for not picking up on the need to do a pre-screening as so many other stations have done to reach out to fans.

So, what do you think? Chime in the comments and let me read your thoughts on what’s coming for the final six episodes of a show that has changed many of our lives. Yes, Sisterhood, you saved Sanditon! The HEA for Charlotte is just around the corner, and I really hope it’s on the clifftops that the two finally declare their love. It would be a fitting place, since that’s where her heart broke to now have it mended on a windswept day, walking on a grassy cliff, overlooking the ocean, and then lifting her eyes and seeing Alexander Colbourne approaching. Where are my tissues?