Okay, heads up, readers! When Sunday, March 19th arrives and the episodes are uploaded to PBS Passport, I’m taking advantage of my monthly donation status to public television to binge-watch the entire season on Masterpiece. I may be up until 2 a.m., so I planned ahead and took Monday, March 20th off as a PTO day from work. I’m not the only one, according to my connections on Twitter, who plan to do the same thing.

What does that mean for this website? After sleeping in Monday morning, I will get up and start to write recaps of the episodes. If you don’t want spoilers on the first episode because it’s not airing where you live, then either don’t read the email or unsubscribe. Otherwise, it will be posted on my website. I will continue throughout the week to write recaps of all six episodes and will probably be done before it completely airs on PBS Masterpiece. For those posts, I will publish but will PASSWORD PROTECT so they cannot be read until they air. If you really want to read them, then use the contact form on my website, and I’ll send you the password.

Please be respectful of those who hate spoilers. Social media may be filled will people talking about season three of Sanditon. On Twitter, along with other fans, I have marked my profile with a megaphone and put “#SandiSpoiler, so beware!” For those on Twitter who don’t want spoilers, make sure to mute the hashtag so you don’t see anything posted with that warning.

With only a few days to go, I’m excited as most. How fortunate for those who have already seen episode one because your local PBS station had a pre-screening! The Pacific Northwest got snubbed by their local PBS stations, unfortunately. I do have information, however, and a run-down of that first episode from someone who attended. Thank goodness!

Okay, I’ll return with news and reviews as they are released. Hopefully, the first recap will be on this website by Tuesday morning, March 21st.

Until tomorrow, then!