Rose Williams speaks with Decider about how Colbourne won her back in Sanditon Season 3. Apparently, Rose thinks Alexander going all “dad mode” with Augusta was the main reason. Of course, as fans, I’m sure we can think of plenty of other reasons too!

Charlotte and Ralph are done! But what exactly pushed Charlotte to admit that she couldn’t honor her word to Ralph and her parents? Was it indeed a certain look that passed between Charlotte and Colbourne outside Trafalgar House? Or something else?


Ben Lloyd-Hughes Reveals Charlotte is the Only Person Who Gets Colbourne in “Dad Mode” (Press This! Decider)

More interviews! Read what Ben Lloyd-Hughes had to say about it.

I think [Charlotte] really is the only person who can help him in that situation because if you think about where they were when we first saw Colbourne at the beginning of Season 2 and his relationship with Augusta, Charlotte really was the one to change all that,” Lloyd-Hughes said.