Today marks the end of an epic journey.

It started with the release of Sanditon season one by ITV in the UK and became a canceled show before it hit the shores of the USA. Beloved by fans, they campaigned to bring it back. Eventually, it was picked up by PBS Masterpiece, who gave us seasons two and three. Naturally, we owe a bountiful thank you to the producers, directors, crew, and fantastic and talented cast who continued the series.

Sanditon’s continuation is a story that takes Charlotte Heywood from a “broken fairytale” on the windy cliffs overlooking a resort town to eventually finding love again in the arms of another man. The producers, directors, writers, cast, and crew picked up the pieces of her broken heart and weaved together a tale ending in a lifetime of fulfillment. Naturally, we owe a bountiful thank you to everyone involved in the production.

I’ve always believed the story was about Charlotte’s journey, as Jane Austen had intended when she wrote the first eleven chapters before her death. When Jane died, the Parker family, the town of Sanditon, the Denhams, Miss Lambe, and other characters were frozen in time. Thank goodness for the creativity of Andrew Davies, Justin Young, and many other cowriters who resurrected these characters, gave them life, and continued what Jane could not complete.

Where does the fandom go from here? Well, if you’ve been on Facebook and Twitter throughout the journey, I’m sure that you have made many new friends with like-minded love for the show. Those friendships will undoubtedly continue if you let them. Sanditon still has to air in the United Kingdom and will air in other countries. It will remain on for paying supporters until 2030, so there are seven more years it will draw a larger audience. The DVDs are available to purchase all seasons as well, so it certainly will continue to live on and reach out, bringing new lovers of the story into the fold.

Naturally, some are digging their heels in the sand, so to speak, and don’t want Sanditon to end here. Groups are popping up on Facebook to campaign for a Sanditon movie, which like Downton Abbey, continued after it stopped airing on PBS Masterpiece. In addition, I think we all agree there are so many other storylines to continue. Rose Williams has indicated that she will not reprise her role as Charlotte again in the future, so the happy married couple will probably not return for a resurrected season four or further spinoffs if PBS Masterpiece decides to go down that road. However, let’s all agree so many spin-offs could occur, such as Augusta finding a mate, Leonora growing up and becoming whatever she chooses to be as a woman, and Georgiana’s bid with Otis to end slavery. The list could go on and on. Honestly, letting go of these beautiful characters who have been part of our lives for so many years is difficult.

In conclusion, episode six, airing tonight on PBS Masterpiece, is bittersweet. This is the last episode and season of our beloved Sanditon and the characters we have grown to love. It’s a glorious and fitting conclusion that tugs at viewers’ heartstrings and will continue to do so for years to come. Don’t be ashamed to shed a tear tonight as you view the windy cliffs overlooking Sanditon for the last time – the most fashionable destination on the south coast of England.



You may wonder what is in store for this website. When I have time, I will continue to post a few more blog posts about the new characters, such as the Montrose family and Samuel Colbourne. In addition, I’ll expand on Alexander’s and Charlotte’s growth in season three. This website, on the WordPress platform, and my domain for renews in October of 2023, costing me $300. I haven’t decided yet whether to renew or shut it down due to the personal expense, but I will decide sometime in September.


  1. ~ It is a bittersweet day. As a former New Yorker, I began watching British period dramas via PBS (Channel 13). It was much better than watching other TV shows. Alastair Cook, Masterpiece Theatre’s host would always break down what a particular period piece was about. It began with shows like Upstairs/Downstairs and morphed into Miss Scarlet and The Duke, Poldark, 80 Days Around The World and my favourite, Sanditon. I have Seasons 1 & 2 but am debating about buying Season 3. My British/English ancestry is what attracts me to these shows and resonates in my spirit. With the DVDs, I can watch them anytime. Sanditon was a joy to watch. BTW, will you be adding a tab for Characters S3? If so, I’d love to comment on Lady Montrose. She was truly a piece of work. ~

  2. The “Gilmore Girls” was a huge success for the WB network and ran for 7 years (2000-2007). When the show concluded its main stars and central characters to the show, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, maintained that they were satisfied with the show’s ending and they would not reprise their roles. It was time to move on. Well, 9 years after the end of that series the cast of the show held a reunion and it was announced that a 4-episode series, “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” was to be made which aired on Netflix in November 2020. The moral of the story? Actors should never say never.

    On a separate note: It will be interesting to see if others in the film industry will take on the task of creating their own story for “Sanditon” in years to come possibly in the form of a movie or another series. Since Jane Austen’s other works have been remade so many times, this attempt to complete the story for “Sanditon” may have opened doors for others to take a shot.

    Thank you so much for the putting the time and energy into this wonderful web site. I enjoyed your episode recaps and insightful commentary. It certainly has been a fun and eventful (carriage) ride for fans of Jane Austen’s works and this show!

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