First, I know I’m bombarding you with posts today. It’s the after-the-finale news flooding the internet that I don’t want you to miss.

This article from the Senior Editor at Salon is a goldmine of information, interviewing Justin Young, the lead writer of Sanditon seasons two and three.

Let me just say that Justin is a very talented man who I greatly admire. He deserves respect and accolades for taking a dead story and bringing it back to life to give Charlotte a happily ever after on those windy cliffs. Unfortunately, he received so much daily abuse from disgruntled fans on Twitter that Sidney Parker wasn’t coming back, or the story of Sidney (recast) and Charlotte didn’t continue as some fans demanded, he eventually left Twitter. Frankly, I don’t blame him. Many actors, including Rose Williams, continue to receive endless abuse in this fashion on Twitter and Instagram. And frankly, it needs to stop. Nothing will change the fact that Sidney Parker is dead and buried. I only have one thought about your behavior.


Okay, now that I got that anger out of my system, let’s discuss this FANTASTIC article. It’s a must-read about the writing process and the sad fact that Justin Young declares season four, “It’s never going to happen.” We have to respect that, frankly, and I also understand the reasoning.

In the article, Justin talks about the Edward and Augusta storyline and Edward becoming a clergyman. There’s a tidbit about Lydia and her secret love that her mother disapproved of. All in all, take the time to check it out.

While the creation of “Sandition” was a collaborative effort among “Masterpiece,” historical consultants and an inclusive writers’ room, Young acknowledges the impact that the Sanditon Sisterhood had on him as a creative.


That’s it for today. Tomorrow I’ll probably bombard you with more! Have you recovered yet from the finale?