In seven days, this domain will expire, and my extended WordPress theme will die slowly. Much of what is on this site in the way of videos and photographs will fall off. It will revert to a WordPress blog theme with no bells or whistles. The posts should remain, butContinue Reading

Since Sanditon has ended, I’ve turned my attention back to the entertainment website I’ve left dormant since 2021. When the pandemic hit, I watched a lot of television but didn’t write any reviews. Popcorn Entertainment Reviews is my private playground where I write about television programs and movies I haveContinue Reading

This is another excellent article and video interview with Ben Lloyd-Hughes about his role as Alexander Colbourne in Sanditon, released today by Metro UK. Lloyd-Hughes came in ahead of season two as brooding new hero Alexander Colbourne, providing his own vibe after original leading man Theo James, who played SidneyContinue Reading

It’s been a busy morning posting on social media about the latest news with today’s release in the United Kingdom on ITVX, the streaming of Sanditon Season 3, which those across the pond have long awaited. Below is an article from Hello Magazine about a deleted scene. “There was aContinue Reading

Check it out! Just published by the Press Centre of ITVX about Sanditon season three, reporting fantastic viewing numbers since its release in the USA on PBS Masterpiece that, “Entertained millions around the world with its charm, romance, risque storylines, and irreverent humour…” Finally, the UK can tune in startingContinue Reading

Lauren Miller has recently released numerous photographs on social media showcasing her costume designs for Sanditon. Some of them are on Twitter and, most recently, TikTok. Read the interview below to learn more about how Lauren created these fabulous designs for Sanditon. Script and Character are always the starting pointContinue Reading

Well, this article made me weep. Rose Williams, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, and Crystal Clarke share their favorite moments filming Sanditon in this Decider article. Rose loved the beach, Ben loved the Christmas carols, and Crystal the fireworks. But what do the stars of Sanditon remember most about their experiences shooting theContinue Reading

Oh, no! It appears the only one who didn’t get to attend the after-the-wedding walk was Kris Marshall, who had Covid. Nevertheless, while being showered with rose petals most everyone was there – producers, cast, and crew. If you found yourself swooning over Charlotte and Colbourne’s wedding ceremony, you weren’tContinue Reading

I think the most shocking storyline in season three of Sanditon is the character arc of Edward Denham. Threatened by his aunt, hosed at Dr. Fuchs’s direction, and the rigorous chores assigned along with spiritual guidance by Reverend Hankins were the means to reform Edward of his misguided ways. NoContinue Reading

This is an excellent article on Decider with quotes from Rose Williams, talking about Charlotte’s inner turmoil after kissing Alexander Colbourne when he declared his love. The dashing gentleman — operating in full Mr. Darcy mode — declares his love for Charlotte and they kiss. However Charlotte immediately regrets theContinue Reading