“Say you’ll help me find her.” Ralph is not pleased. Who would have thought that Ralph would still be around by Episode 5? Naturally, Ralph is balking at Charlotte, running off with Alexander to find Augusta. One more day, Charlotte pleads. She promises to come back to him. Charlotte needsContinue Reading

Welcome back! Have you recovered yet? Episode four reveals some characters have great restraint under pressure while others face life-changing choices. The outcome of those actions and choices continues the story. The episode opens with Georgiana having awakened on the couch. She’s fallen asleep after another night of partying, andContinue Reading

Before you watch, and perhaps while you read, you will need a box of tissues. Be forewarned, episode three of Sanditon is an emotional roller coaster. The episode begins with Mary, Charlotte, and Georgiana traveling by coach to London to face Lockhart. Alexander is reading an article in the newspaper,Continue Reading

Writing these recaps to let my readers know what happened in a particular episode is one thing, but it’s not the totality. My posts are just words. It’s impossible for me to convey the emotions and every look and nuance of our hero and heroine as they traverse toward aContinue Reading

Another excellent review for Sanditon season three. Spoilers inside! Watch your email for more as they start to roll in! Fans can rejoice in the happily ever afters, while simultaneously grieving the fact that the miniseries is coming to an end. Like with other Jane Austen adaptations and inspirations, IContinue Reading

As most of you know, a CD was released for the season one musical score of Sanditon. We’ve yet to see anything for seasons two and three. Let’s hope one gets released in the future. I saw this posted on Twitter, so it may be of some interest to you.Continue Reading

Another good review coming your way for Sanditon season three. The abiding themes of self-definition, redemption, duty, and sacrifice also appear in this new and final season. There are exquisitely heartbreaking moments that remind viewers why we fell in love with many of these characters. READ MORE AT MARVELOUS GEEKSContinue Reading

The reviews begin, and the title of this article is “Soapier, Smarter, and Swoonier… the Final Season Soars! Read more at Decider by Meghan O’Keefe about Sanditon Season 3. Almost every Sanditon character, new and returning, gets a taste of romance in the show’s final season. Sanditon Season 3 isContinue Reading

DON’T WANT TO KNOW, THEN CLOSE YOUR BROWSER QUICKLY! I’M SPECULATING WHAT IS TO COME. Since late January, episode synopses have been popping up on a variety of websites. They are now posted on PBS Masterpiece, Google, Rotten Tomatoes, and elsewhere. Of course, reading these short two to three-sentence teasersContinue Reading

Yes, you read that title right. Sanditon: Season Three (Masterpiece) DVD is now posted and up for pre-order on Amazon in the United States and Canada. No doubt, will be posted on other retailers soon. Naturally, I’ve already pre-ordered. Here is a link to the USA site to order yourContinue Reading

Masterpiece on PBS unveiled our first look at Sanditon Season 3 today, gifting fans three images teasing new romances and lingering heartache. We get to see heroine Charlotte Heyward (Rose Williams) seemingly thriving with her fiancé Ralph Starling (Cai Brigden), Georgiana (Crystal Clarke) enduring the company of a new characterContinue Reading

Read about the woman who designed the costumes for Sanditon seasons 2 and 3. I thank her for every waistcoat that made it on Alexander Colbourne’s body, and naturally the gorgeous dresses for our leading ladies. In a behind-the-scenes video, Rose Williams, one of the stars of Sanditon, spoke aboutContinue Reading

I relished the chance to play a character like that because, ultimately, he has shades of Rochester and lots of different characters where you’re not sure necessarily – there’s a kind of a double edge of what’s going on on the surface and what’s going on behind the eyes. AndContinue Reading

This is a wonderful article about how the fans mobilized with petitions and letter writing to bring back Sanditon to the screen. When ITV’s racy Jane Austen adaptation Sanditon was cancelled in 2019 after the first series, fans were not happy. The six-part series based on the writer’s unfinished finalContinue Reading

An interesting article came out today from CNN Style about Regency romance being popular 200 years after Jane Austen. The writer equates both period dramas and historical romance books set in the Regency era as being sought by women as history and fantasy to fulfill our romantic longings. It isContinue Reading