• Colonel Lennox
    Sanditon season two has ended, and now we can pick apart Colonel Lennox again. For fun, I did a quick survey on Twitter, asking people to give me a one-word description of Colonel Lennox. Here are a few of the results. Some couldn’t limit their disgust to only one word.Continue Reading
  • Alexander Colbourne
    Analyzing characters can be fun but challenging. When I think of Alexander Colbourne in season two of Sanditon, my initial reaction is, “it’s complicated.” There are multiple layers to examine, based on the information we have received from the screenplay. We do not have a novel written to dissect everyContinue Reading
  • Ben Lloyd-Hughes & Tom Weston-Jones on Season 2 Finale (Press This! Collider)
    More great interviews from Collider with the cast of Sanditon season two. These give great insight into the filming and the cast’s approach and feelings toward some of the scenes. To hold fans over until Season 3 (which has already been shot), Collider spoke to Ben Lloyd-Hughes (who plays AlexanderContinue Reading
  • Sanditon Season 2 Ending Explained (Press This! Decider)
    Sanditon Season 2 on Masterpiece on PBS ends with our girl Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) announcing her engagement, but it’s no cause for celebration. Instead of having a happily ever after with her new love, Alexander Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes), Charlotte is engaged to farmer Ralph Starling (Cai Bridgen). SOURCE: DECIDERContinue Reading
  • Sanditon Boss on that Heartbreaking Finale (Press This! Salon)
    We were respecting the fact that Charlotte is on her journey, grieving Sidney. All of these characters are grieving Sidney, and she’s trying to navigate that. She’s trying to navigate, “How can I be developing feelings for this other man, when I still have feelings for Sidney?” Hopefully, by theContinue Reading
  • Unpacking E6 – Charlotte & Colbourne – What Happened?
    Let’s face it, there’s more than one trunk of baggage to unpack in episode six of Sanditon season two. Like you, I watched their last interaction together, and said out loud, “what the heck just happened?” From the time stamp on the streaming episode on PBS Passport of 47.30 whenContinue Reading
  • Sanditon is Coming Back for Season 3!
    After airing episode six of Sanditon season two, viewers will be bereft as they deal with the ending. But, be not dismayed, dear audience; all is not lost like season one with no resolution. Sanditon season three has already been filmed! As you have seen, Charlotte and Alexander go theirContinue Reading
  • The Cast of Sanditon – Fun Videos (Press This! She Knows)
    Today the website SheKnows.com released two fun videos with Rose Williams, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, and Tom Weston-Jones answering fun trivia questions and would you rather superlative questions. Ben, gave us a few quick singing lines of “Matchmaker” at the end, which Rose mentioned before in interviews that Ben often sang onContinue Reading
  • Sanditon Season Two Leans into Romantic Escapism (Press This! Architectural Digest)
    The historical period drama is having a moment. Credit the over-the-top themed balls, opulent costumes, well-appointed decor, and impeccable British manners that keep audiences enthralled and coming back for more. Perhaps Sanditon production designer James North sums it up best, telling AD, “Romantic escapism…it’s as simple as that.” SOURCE: ARCHITECTURALContinue Reading
  • Episode 5 Reveals the Real Reason Lennox and Colbourne Hate Each Other (Press This! Decider)
    An insightful article along with comments from the cast and writers about the storyline of Sanditon Season Two. A good read! “I think whenever I think of Colbourne, a huge word that comes up is integrity,” Lloyd-Hughes said. “I think he’s a man of huge integrity. Much to his ownContinue Reading

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