It’s time to pick up our crayons (or colored pencils, if you prefer) and fill in the blanks with what we know or have perceived thus far about Colonel Lennox in Sanditon Season 2. Arriving in his handsome red and yellow uniform, draped with medals for his heroism at Waterloo,Continue Reading

Lady Susan is a creation of the writers of Sanditon and not mentioned in Jane Austen’s text. Interestingly enough, Jane Austen did pen a short novel entitled Lady Susan, thought to be written sometime in 1794 but not published until 1871. Sophie Winkleman, who is actually Lady Frederick Windsor, marriedContinue Reading

Esther Denham is a character to pity and love. She shows enormous growth through Season 1, and is part of a HEA scenario with Lord Babington. Without Esther, there wouldn’t be much rejoicing at the end of Sanditon, which provides a bit of balm to our hearts while dealing withContinue Reading

Let’s start with the obvious. “She is an appalling old woman. But she holds the fate of Sanditon in her hands.” Tom Parker’s statement pretty much sums it up. The question remains, how did she end up this way? Jane Austen’s version of Lady Denham in the original Sanditon isContinue Reading

After writing about Tom Parker, it’s time to look at Mary Parker. Below are the clips from Jane Austen’s novel, Sanditon, and the peek given into Mary’s personality. And Mrs. Parker was as evidently a gentle, amiable, sweet-tempered woman, the properest wife in the world for a man of strongContinue Reading

Gosh, where do you start with this guy? I suppose we can take a look at how Jane Austen created him in the first eleven chapters of Sanditon and then take it from there. Mr. Parker’s character and history were soon unfolded. All that he understood of himself, he readilyContinue Reading