As most of you know, a CD was released for the season one musical score of Sanditon. We’ve yet to see anything for seasons two and three. Let’s hope one gets released in the future. I saw this posted on Twitter, so it may be of some interest to you.Continue Reading

DON’T WANT TO KNOW, THEN CLOSE YOUR BROWSER QUICKLY! I’M SPECULATING WHAT IS TO COME. Since late January, episode synopses have been popping up on a variety of websites. They are now posted on PBS Masterpiece, Google, Rotten Tomatoes, and elsewhere. Of course, reading these short two to three-sentence teasersContinue Reading

If you signed up for email notifications from PBS Masterpiece, you will have received the news in your inbox regarding what shows are arriving soon. Unfortunately, Sanditon season three isn’t on the list, so we can only assume that we will have to wait until mid or late March ofContinue Reading

Okay, let’s be honest. There is a big difference between public television, where the members pay to support the shows, and stations like ITV, where advertisements from paying vendors help pay the bills. As the first episode of season two aired today, July 22, 2022, on ITV, small scenes wereContinue Reading

Today the website released two fun videos with Rose Williams, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, and Tom Weston-Jones answering fun trivia questions and would you rather superlative questions. Ben, gave us a few quick singing lines of “Matchmaker” at the end, which Rose mentioned before in interviews that Ben often sang onContinue Reading

Yesterday, Twitter and Facebook went insane with tweets and posts after it was revealed that iTunes had accidentally dropped the entire season of Sanditon season two at once. For a mere $14.99, anyone could download the season and watch the remaining episodes. Needless to say, many fans took advantage ofContinue Reading

Yesterday, the Sanditon Sisterhood on Twitter posted answers that were posed earlier by the fan base in a Q&A to be showcased at a later date. The event wasn’t live, but answers were posted to questions throughout the day from Belinda Campbell, Executive Producer at Red Planet Pictures, and JustinContinue Reading

PBS Masterpiece released the cutest clip this week on Twitter and Facebook, promoting season two. It’s also posted on the official PBS Masterpiece Website. Finally, on YouTube, watch below. It includes scenes from season one and dialogue clips, narrated by an entertaining English female voice. Though some fans didn’t likeContinue Reading

If you’ve been one of the lucky ones in the past week or so, you have either watched a few flying clips of Sanditon Season 2 during a BritBoxUK advertisement, or you were one of the lucky ones who got a preview teaser from PBS Masterpiece after last Sunday’s viewingContinue Reading