Sanditon Season 2 isn’t supposed to exist, but it does. Although the Jane Austen adaptation was a smash when it ran on Masterpiece on PBS in 2020 — inspiring legions of ardent online fans — it had already been cancelled by British broadcaster ITV after it failed to impress UKContinue Reading

The Austen-obsessed Sisterhood were energizing, launching a website, Instagram page and even bombarding execs and commissioners with Sanditon gifts including a Saving Sanditon egg box (an oft-quoted line from the show goes “Sanditon will rise from the ashes as sure as eggs are eggs”) and a clutch of Saving Sanditon facemasks. Source:Continue Reading

Rather soapy in its one-darned-thing-after-another storytelling, “Sanditon” is engaging, if a bit lightweight. When the series approaches more substantial topics — as in Georgiana’s complicated awareness that being Black and an heiress makes her something of an outsider, and her call for a sugar boycott and the abolition of slaveryContinue Reading

Colonel Lennox – We get more screen time in Episode 1 with Lennox than any other. Naturally, initial impressions are he’s a formidable male specimen dressed in his redcoat and military regalia. He’s well-spoken, has chisel features, clean-shaven (just how I like them), and carries an obvious presence that makesContinue Reading

Without dropping too many hints for those who have not seen it, here are my gut feelings about the characters both old and new. Charlotte Heywood – My initial impression is Charlotte is broken, grief-stricken, and deeply hurt from her experience with Sidney. Her facial expressions through the first episodeContinue Reading

Twitter broke again this week with Entertainment Weekly posting an “exclusive” thirty-second trailer. We all thought it would be a long one, like season one’s two-minute preview. Alas, we were given another thirty seconds to add to our viewing. It’s time to dissect every second, for a second time! ReleasedContinue Reading

An exclusive look at a new thirty-second trailer hit Twitter and Facebook today, followed up by multiple repostings from some of the cast and other local PBS stations around the United States. I haven’t found it posted yet on PBS or Masterpiece, but I’m sure it will be up veryContinue Reading

PBS Masterpiece released the cutest clip this week on Twitter and Facebook, promoting season two. It’s also posted on the official PBS Masterpiece Website. Finally, on YouTube, watch below. It includes scenes from season one and dialogue clips, narrated by an entertaining English female voice. Though some fans didn’t likeContinue Reading

A broken heart won’t keep Charlotte Heywood away from Sanditon. A just-released teaser for Sanditon Season 2 (premiering March 20 on PBS), shows the young woman returning to the seaside resort town, where new adventures – and new romantic possibilities – await.  Source: Cheat SheetContinue Reading

Yesterday, on January 20, 2022, it was a full day of Sanditon overload from the short teaser trailer from PBS Masterpiece being released, to the tweets on Twitter about the questions to the producers and cast at the Television Critics Association 2022 Winter Press Tour. Thanks to a few individualsContinue Reading

PBS gave TV critics and entertainment journalists their first official peek at Sanditon Season 2 today during the Winter 2022 TCA Press Tour. Returning Sanditon stars Rose Williams and Crystal Clarke were joined by producers Belinda Campbell and Susanne Simpson, writer Justin Young, and brand new heartthrobs Ben Lloyd-Hughes andContinue Reading

Season 2 of British historical drama Sanditon is coming to PBS Masterpiece on March 20, and fans are in a frenzy after a short trailer aired after All Creatures Great and Small on Sunday night. ‘Sanditon’ Season 2: Fans Are Going Crazy Over New Promo (VIDEO) Unfortunately, Oregon Public BroadcastingContinue Reading

Released December 19, 2021 – Masterpiece Studios There’s romance afoot on the Sanditon shores, with five new male characters heading to the resort in the upcoming second season. Masterpiece PBS Finally, episode three posted this morning about the new men of Sanditon. Lots of goodies in the podcast that ran forContinue Reading