This page is a tribute to Ben Lloyd-Hughes in his role as Alexander Colbourne in Sanditon seasons two and three. Millions of women of all ages have fallen in love with Ben Lloyd-Hughes and his wonderful portrayal of Alexander Colbourne. We adore him for many reasons. He wanted to play an Austen-type hero and auditioned for a part in Sanditon season one. The second time was a charm when he landed the role of Alexander Colbourne. He has expressed that he was thrilled to play the part of this complex leading man, thanking the Sanditon Sisterhood for campaigning to bring the series back. And the fans are thankful to the producers for casting him in the role!

Below are some of the heartfelt words from adoring fans around the world. If you want to chime in, email me at and let me know what you think about Ben Lloyd-Hughes as Alexander Colbourne. Let’s fill the internet with our positive love and support.

Ben Lloyd-Hughes plays the part of Alexander Colbourne perfectly. He didn’t join the show to replace anyone or fill a void but he came to add a unique new character to our beloved Sanditon. Mr. Colbourne is a very complex character and Ben was able to portray the many different sides of his character throughout the season. Ben’s acting and devotion to portraying his character allowed us to see the growth of Mr. Colbourne individually and the growth of his feelings for Charlotte. Because of Ben we have fallen in love with Mr. Colbourne and he has won over the hearts of many devoted fans.

(Audrey -Salt Lake City, UT USA)

Ben Lloyd-Hughes comes into Sanditon as many viewers are still stinging over a leading man’s departure. With a pure joy for the role shining through his eyes and in his acting overall, BLH proves what happens when a third attempt at being a part of a production happens. He embodies the wounded but worthy Colbourne and I can not wait to experience every minute of Sanditon to see his character become the best of men after the influence of Rose Williams/ Charlotte Heywood’s special elixir of empathy morphs into a magical depth of feeling. BLH embodies the Austen man in his portrayal of Colbourne. I’m proud to become a true fan of BLH‘s for life!

(Susan -Hillsborough, NC, USA)

I was not prepared to like Ben Lloyd-Hughes in Sanditon. Let alone his leading man role. Not that I was wedded to the former love interest for Charlotte, but it seemed a great departure from what I expected. Now, however, like Charlotte, I have fallen in love with Mr. Colbourne. Ben plays him magnificently. With a straightforwardness that is caring, concerned and gentle. Even in anger! As I said about Ben/Colbourne following Mrs. Wheatley’s comments about the man Alexander Colbourne is; the former leading man isn’t half the man (or performer) Ben/Colbourne is. It’s obvious he loves the role and is exquisite in it. And it’s equally obvious most of us love him in it. Regardless of the roles BLH takes in the future; he’ll always be Alexander Colbourne to me.

 (Linda – USA)

When it was announced that Ben Lloyd-Hughes was cast alongside Tom Weston-Jones in Sanditon seasons two and three, I knew little about either of these actors. I admit that I was nervous about the outcome, knowing how invested fans were in Theo James. Nevertheless, as the program began to air, I became intensely intrigued at Ben’s ability to catch our interest immediately. Each episode and each interaction peeled back another layer of Colbourne’s personality, revealing the depth of Ben’s talents in portraying this complex character. I cannot give him enough praise for putting his heart into this performance, knowing how important the continuation of Sanditon is to millions of fans. He’s become my new Austen hero-type favorite and the object of affection for Regency-crazed women everywhere. Love you, Ben!

(Vicki – Oregon USA)

Wow, I have been blown away by Ben’s portrait of Alexander Colbourne. I wasn’t sure how Season 2 would go, but I am loving it so much, and he is one of the biggest reasons. I love how he listens to what Charlotte has to say and at times changes his way of thinking. I am so rooting for Charlotte and Alexander to end up together when the show is done. She is bringing out a loving, positive side to his character. I never want this to end. Kudos to him for being the best Austen hero.

(Mariann-Boston, MA USA)

When I heard that Ben Lloyd-Hughes was cast in Sanditon Season 2 after Theo’s announcement, I was immediately excited. I had no trepidation about not having Theo James in season 2 because I knew that everything would be ok. Ben is an amazing actor with a brilliant range like I’ve never seen before with other actors. The moment I first saw Alexander Colbourne on my television, I was speechless and blown away at how perfect Ben’s performance is in the role. It is so real and natural, and I feel every emotion watching Ben’s performance every week. Ben as Alexander Colbourne could easily be a masterclass on how to act as “the hero” in a Period Drama. Pure perfection! Each weekly watch and rewatch has me falling more in love with Sanditon. We are lucky to have Ben as a part of the Sanditon family. Not only is Ben an amazing actor, but he’s also a genuine person who has a deep appreciation for his work and his fans. Ben Lloyd-Hughes is THE BEST Last Austen Hero and I can’t wait to see where Colbourne’s story goes in Season 3! Sanditon has captured my heart and I don’t want it to end. Thank you, Ben! I adore you!

(Sara – Santa Rosa, CA USA) 

Mr. Benjamin Lloyd Hughes had big shoes to fill and broken hearts to heal when he accepted this role. I’m not sure what I expected of Sanditon Season 2, however, the character he created embodies why I love Austen heroes. He made this role his and has the ability to be kind, restrained, warm, and a mystery all at the same time. He is remarkably the center of every scene he’s in but he never overshadows Charlotte’s strength and intelligence. I’m excited to see where he takes the character in Season 3. Sanditon fans are blessed to have him join the series!

(Kristin – St. Michael, MN USA)

I was first introduced to Ben Lloyd-Hughes when watching ‘Divergent’. He is an amazing actor who has presented us with the mysterious Alexander Colbourne. He has portrayed Colbourne as a quiet, intelligent, compassionate but protective man. There is something about Colbourne that draws your attention and that has everything to do with the acting skill of Ben Lloyd-Hughes. So pleased he joined the Sanditon Family.

(Michelle – Berkeley Vale, NSW Australia)

I have grown to love Ben’s character as the season evolves. Personally, I was quite put off by Theo in the first season until his quote about being his best self with Charlotte.  In Mr. Colbourne, I see a troubled man who listens even when he doesn’t want to be involved.  His gaze at Charlotte is captivating and I think he is surprising himself with his attraction to Charlotte. I am firmly in team Colbourne. 

(Rena – Nevada USA)

I, like others, was disappointed that Sidney would not be returning to Sanditon…..and then I watched Ben Lloyd Hughes as Alexander Colbourne on Episode 1, season 2, and I was transformed.  He made his character so real. I felt every emotion he was portraying. The chemistry between he and Charlotte was off the charts.  The way he looked at her; oh my.   I didn’t feel that in season 1.  I so hope they get together.

(Suzanne, USA, North Carolina.)

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