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Welcome to the Seaside!

I love period dramas. Naturally, I am a Jane Austen enthusiast and a fan of Sanditon and have started this website in support of the writers, cast, and crew who brought Sanditon Season 2 on PBS Masterpiece and BritBoxUK on March 20-21, 2022. Season 3 will air on March 19, 2023 on PBS Masterpiece in the USA. A date for airing in the UK has yet to be announced.

This website includes recaps of each episode, posts about the characters, news articles, merchandise available, and promotional videos. Comments will be moderated but are welcome!

So, grab your beach towels, bathing suits, and umbrellas! We’re returning to the most fashionable destination on the south coast of England to enjoy a new storyline, great characters, and romance just like Jane Austen would have penned – love, romance, and an eventual happily ever after ending.

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The History of Sanditon from Austen to Today

Sanditon by Jane Austen

Jane Austen was no stranger to seaside resorts, having visited Worthing, which was “much frequented by people of fashion, on account of the fine sands, which are esteemed the best in the kingdom.” It rose in popularity as a smart resort. Jane’s inspiration for the story and characters, such…Continue Reading

Created & Cancelled

Sanditon is a Red Planet Pictures production for ITV in the United Kingdom, co-produced with Masterpiece PBS in association with BBC Studios Distribution. It first aired on August 2, 2019, consisting of eight episodes. Subsequently, it aired on Masterpiece PBS on January 12, 2020. However, before it even made…Continue Reading

Seasons 2 & 3

When news hit the airwaves on May 7, 2021, that Sanditon was renewed for Seasons 2 and 3, a roar of delight ascended to the heavens. Masterpiece announced with Red Planet Pictures the renewal, along with streaming with a UK partner, BritBoxUK. However, the announcement soon became bittersweet with…Continue Reading